anyone like these pradas?

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  1. [​IMG]

  2. no opinions? everyone hates em?
  3. The name plaque heel is throwing me off a bit...but I think they are lovely shoes and such a great color!
  4. I am not a fan:sad:
  5. I have mixed luck with D'orsays & half-pumps. I love the grey color & mary-jane strap over the toe. The cut is actually pretty cute.

    So, do you love them? If you can't stop thinking of them & can afford them, then go for it. If you are just so-so about them, than you can pass until something similar comes along.
  6. I snatched em for $198. seemed like a good deal, at the time and i really love the grey...seems like i will be able to wear them with a lot of little black dresses and such during the not crazy about the logo all over the heel, but i really do like the metal thinking it wont be too standoutish because they are all one color, and logo is only on the back of heel. i cant wait to get them!
  7. I think these are pretty shameless... there's something a little tacky about wearing a Prada logo AND a Neiman Marcus logo???? Somebody has to pay me endorsement-dollars to do that.
  8. I guess they were limited edition for neiman marcus 100th anniversary.
  9. I love the color! enjoy them!
  10. This is the 100th Anniversary Limited Edition shoe made by Prada for NM. Thus the logo on the heel. I love this shoe and tried it on many times. Good deal on them.
    Love them.

    I wanted the MJ Stam bag to that matched for the same occasion.
  11. I like the shoes alone, but hate that NM thing on the heel. I will feel like a walking advertisement and I'm not getting paid for it :graucho:
  12. I think they are beautiful. The writing on the heel doesn't bother me. If I am out and about and someone is close enough to read it, then I have bigger issues to worry about.