Anyone like the new Le Fabs with silver hardware?

  1. I am not a fan of Le Fab with all that silver but do LOVE the lockit!!!:graucho:
  2. I think I prefer it- I like silver =)
  3. I kind of like it on the suhali pieces but as I never buy bags with silver hardware in general I'm not too happy about the change, especially on the epi pieces.
  4. I LOVE the silver hardware!!!
  5. The silver doesn't look that great on the Cannelle, but I think would look good on the black.
  6. I think they are only doing silver hardware in the brown though, right??
  7. I think it looks good on the Sienne because it is a nice contrast. But I prefer the gold hardware on the black & white.
  8. I prefer the silver hardware. The gold has always appeared a wee bit gaudy to me.
  9. I'm not liking the silver on this bag at all, but then maybe I'm just used to seeing LV with gold hardwares. I prefer the Gold much better.;)
  10. Yes.:yes:
  11. I am already upset about LV is switching Epi to silver, and now suhali to silver? ahhh! this is terrible :sad:
  12. I am a big fan of silver but on this bag I like the gold better.
  13. Does anyone have one so that we can see pics of it being worn?:yes:
  14. ITA! 100% The black and white with gold hardware is HUBBA HUBBA!