Anyone like the new giant hardware?

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  1. I'm just curious if anyone here is actually going to buy a bag with the new giant hardware. I'm pretty sure that I won't... but Bal musta created them because they think there's a market for this? Do they look better in person than in pics?
  2. I'll bet they do, but haven't seen. I do like it on the giant briefs.
  3. Not me. I think it looks pretty on the white and sandstone(argyle) but it's not one that I would pay extra for. Too blingy. They are supposedly selling well, but i bet if they had done silver/pewter in the regular hardware they would have sold tons more. :graucho:
  4. I don't like the giant hardware!
  5. I saw them in person at Holts locations in Toronto and I don't like it. I couldn't tell from the photos, but when I saw them in person the hardware is bezelled / patterned on top of being large and shiny (not sure if this lame description makes sense). Probably great on the right person but it's so not me. I would be sick of it in 2 minutes.
  6. No, I will NOT be buying the giant hardware. I saw it IRL today and it was worse than I had imagined, they were somehow bigger than I thought they would be and really cheap looking. I just kept shaking my head in disgust/disbelief.
  7. :confused1: Nope none for me! My first thought was large gold nipples, and every thought since has been the same when I see them! I like the thought though of how well will they sell, I too am curious about that!
  8. they WILL sell just fine...all Bbags sell haha:yes:
    i don't think the Bal people care about what we like, they make what they want to cuz they know that everything sells!!!

    besides, we all have different preference so if some don't like it, there's others who do!!!

    personally i like giant hardware on breifs (in cafe, natural or black), they are gorgeous but other than that i prefer regular hardware :smile::love:
  9. ^^ nope, no me gusta nada!!! :P
  10. I LOVE the giant hardware, but don't plan on snapping them up right away. I don't like the price premium, and am a little worried about being weighed down by the hardware (a la Chloe Paddy).

    I also have a strange quirk in that I don't like rough textured metals. I imagine they're dirt/germ magnets and traps. All those grooves in the hardware just make me think "unsanitary." I would have preferred giant and smooth hardware.

    Given how much everyone hates these, I may be able to pick some up (assuming I get over my germy-wormy phobia) if they go on deep sale. But I won't pay $400 more for the giant hardware. No way.
  11. I really like the giant, I think they're very rock and roll and glamourous, but I'm not sure if I'll buy it.
  12. Not me!
  13. Still deciding, but I probably won't buy one. I want bags that I can wear for a long time and to me the giant hardware seems a little too trendy.
  14. Nope, none for me either ...

    but I thought the Brief on ateliernaff looked OK with it ... but all of the other Brief's I have seen pics of sure don't look like that one :confused1:
  15. I don't like them either :Push: