anyone like the medeor?

  1. I just got my third one... maybe its a bad addiction, but I love them. I do not have a great camera so no pix, but several of my PF friends have seen/will see them "live". Does anyone else like the medeor?:heart::tup::love:
  2. Love the Medor, esp with GH! :tup:
  3. I love the black, brown, beige, & natural with gold.... recently seen grey, black & white with palladium,
  4. I love the Medor and would love to add one down the road. Saw one in Rouge H box recently w/PH and it was just gorgeous.
  5. I really like the Medor especially in box, but I just can't seem to carry it. I don't think I have the attitude or the confidence to do so.

    I would love to see you with some action pics. Somehow, the image of avatar carrying a medor doesn't do anything for me. Can someone in the US please lend you a camera?
  6. I will try to get a friend of mine in the next few days to take few pix. I think it is the most usable and practical clutch Hermes ever made. It fits alot & has all that lovely " collier de Chien " hardware on it, I am so in love with it. So far I have seen it only in all different colors of box calf and the pall & gold HW.
  7. I love the look of the MC - very edge-y yet elegant KWIM. Like LTC, I have a problem holding it (probably because I have small hands and a total klutz).
  8. I have my younger friends asking me for them all the way will I lend this beauty out!:p
  9. Love Medors, especially in box with ghw
  10. oh i love the medeor :smile:
  11. I love it too. Want in dark green with GH. Beautiful!
  12. While I totally love the Medor. I have small hands like archangel! And would be concerned that I would drop it if I had anything else to carry - say a glass of champagne at a soiree! It would be good if I was fasting or on an alcohol detox though!:p
  13. I like the look of it very much, but haven't had the oppourtunity to play with it yet. Could anyone please post some interior shots? How much can it hold, and is it very fiddly to open and close?
  14. I am head-over-heels for the Medor! I'm dying for black with PH. I nearly bought one a couple of months ago, but first things first -- need to find a Birkin! But Medor is definitely next on my list...
  15. I love the medor clutch -- please do try to post some modeling photos so I can get some ideas!