Anyone like the Massai?

  1. I saw this bag for the first time yesterday in SF. I don't know if it was the fact that it was Potiron or that I am loving having a shoulder bag but I really, really fell for it in a big way. :love:
    I was wondering if any of you have this bag and its pros/cons? I think I read somewhere that it comes with two different straps or something? I'm just thinking it would be nice for fall and I need to give Evelyne a break because that's my only other shoulder bag.
    TIA :flowers:

    heeheehee Guess my taking a break from Hermes didn't last too long, did it? :lol:
  2. i've tried on the massai. gorgeous. i love how the 2 zippers meet in the middle, and while i prefer leather lining, the fabric in there (silk?) is very luxurious and beautiful. it does come with 2 straps - for shoulder or messenger style options. it's a very hip shoulder bag, imo. i like that it's casual luxe.
  3. Duna has a Masaai (did I just kill the spelling?) and I think it's in etoupe??? Check out her family pics, Heather. It's a beautiful bag but on me it looks waaayy too big. All you see from the side is a pair of short legs and a head on top of an Hermes bag...:sad:
  4. Thank you both! HiHeels, I didn't get a chance to look at the inside yesterday or try it on but I really wish I would have. That's what I liked about it too...casual luxe, that's a great way to put it. I can just see wearing it with jeans, a brown cashmere sweater and brown boots for fall. :nuts: Gosh I need to get something Potiron soon, I love love love that color! :yes: Donna, you are too cute! :lol: I will go check out Duna's pictures, thanks! I remembered seeing it in etoupe but couldn't remember who had it. :flowers:
  5. I don't dislike it, but I don't love it either. I suppose many of the other bags catch my heart, so it takes a backseat for me. All that matters is if you love it. I can really appreciate it though...for sure!
  6. I completely understand what you mean KB. :yes: I think I am going through a slouchy shoulder bag phase because all my other bags are handheld or totes. I am just really enjoying the freedom of a shoulder/messenger bag. :lol:
  7. CB, yep, 2 straps and linen lining. I really loved this bag.......until I tried one on for size. Shopmom could have been describing me. I was terribly crestfallen after I tried it on.
  8. Thanks HG. Sorry it didn't work out for you. I hate it when you fall in love with a bag and then it isn't the same in person when you try it on. As we know from yesterday I have the *ahem* "height" to pull it off! ;)
  9. It's my favourite Hermes shoulder bag!!
  10. One of the best Hermes shoulder bags out there.
  11. I like the Massai! Love it in clemence. It has a gusset (like the Trim II) so i suppose it'll be a very functional bag. Very casual chic! If I see one in a beautiful color (read: arrow strikes my heart :heart: ) I'll buy it!

    Duna has one in etoupe & she posted pics of her wearing it here! :love:
  12. Thank you everyone! Thanks for the link Gigi! I love Duna's Massai. :love: I think the one in SF is clemence. It's gorgeous in Potiron. Ok, yet another bag added to my list! :lol:
  13. love it on others it is a beautiful bag bur i just can not pull it off:crybaby:
  14. Crochet, I love the Massai, it's so simple but chic...and soooo practical! Mine is Clemence, but not at all heavy, as it's lined in fabric and has no metal/rigid parts to it...But if you want to try it on, make sure it's the PM and not the GM which is GIGANTIC!!! All the ones you see on ebay, for some reason, are the GM which is wayyyy too big IMO.....HTH:flowers:
  15. Thanks! Duna, the one I saw must have been a PM because I saw a picture of the GM online and WOW it was huge! Darn I should have grabbed it when I had the chance...I wonder if it is still there...:graucho: