Anyone like the Denim Baggy PM?

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  1. I see a lot of posts about the GM...but none of the PM. I think the GM looks extremely large, so the PM woud probably suit me better. Anyone have this bag? I'm thinking about getting one in pink :love:

    ETA: Eek, nevermind. I posted this before I saw Minnie's post on the Baggy :P If a mod sees this, feel free to delete.
  2. i have the pm in the blue denim and i love it. (see on bag showcase)(but i love all my bags!)

    thinking of getting a gm in green.
  3. I Like The PM, Too! The Pink Is So Beautiful!
  4. I have the denim baggy pm and :love: it! I also bought the longer strap to change it into a messager style bag. Great summer bag!
    :love: :love: :love: :love:
  5. Mee! I love the baggy pm! The GM looks too big on me. ^_^; Am deciding between either the Green or the regular Denim Baggy.
  6. LOVE IT!

    See Minnie's post as I'll put photos there.
  7. Thanks for the input everyone! The Baggy PM will definitely be my next purchase :smile:
  8. I might be a bit late answering, but I have the baggy PM and I love it! It's quite cute and small looking but it holds so much! I haven't even needed to use the front pockets yet. I love it, It just reminds me so much of spring