Anyone like the 25 cm birkin?

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  1. I keep beeing drawn to them,...what is your opinion, any fans?
  2. I wouldn't have thought about them but recently i have.

    I am thinking I would love a 25cm ring lizard the new natural lizard.
  3. Me Me.... I have a 25cm birkin in Jaune and I love how it functions as a dressy bag but yet holds enough for days where I don't have to carry a lot of things. I don't mind that it's hand held at all. I am looking for another is a pretty color
  4. can people post some action shots?
  5. keeps tempting me for evenings out, or fun lunches with the ladies... it just looks soo cute!
  6. would love a black one!
  7. that sounds amazing!
  8. may I ask what leather, & what fits?
  9. Oh, Avandome, just buy the 25cm already. LOL!!!!
  10. ::::: waits for Ninja to pip in with pictures :::::::popcorn:
  11. I want to! no store has the black!!!! I would love it in box, matt lizard, ostrich or maybe croc! even chevre! got any?
  12. They are not for me but I think they look fabulous, sort of like baby birkins, so cute.
  13. epsom. It fits my dogon, handphone, small make-up pouch and a small umbrella if required
  14. Nope. I like them big!!! Heehee.
  15. Dear Ms. Adm:

    Like them in exotic; lizard and ost. Haven't see it in croc.

    It's kind of dressy/formal with this size in exotic.