Anyone Like Taboule Salad

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  1. Ok Its 1 am and I spent 2 hours in the kitchen making a taboule salad from scratch...

    But I love it.. Thanks mom for your wonderful recipe..

    If u guys want i can post the recipe..
  2. I love salads, but I'm not familiar with taboule....please share? :flowers:
  3. Yes pls post recipe! Thanks.
  4. Please share receipe -- love, but not available where I live.
  5. yum, please post the recipe!
  6. I love taboule salad. I grew up eating it and when it is made well it is wonderful.
  7. I saw it somewhere recently and it was just wheat and parsley. Yuk! I didn't get any. What's in yours?
  8. i love it. i usually buy it in the grocery store. it seems like it would be alot of work!
  9. Love love love tabouli! Please share your recipe! :flowers:
  10. Wow, must be wonderful made from scratch! I love tabbouleh salad with chicken shawarma.
  11. I love taboule salad! I just had it for dinner a few minutes ago... but I have to shamefully admit, I don't make it from scratch. I use the delicious Far East box of it, then add things to it on my own (chickpeas, olives, and feta) soo delicious!
  12. i love taboule salad!
    please post the recipe!!
  13. Had tabboulah for lunch today - love it!
  14. Yes, I love it! Share the recipe, please! ;)
  15. I love it too. Prince...please post the recipe.
    I usually make it pretty quick. Maybe I am missing some essential step????