Anyone Like Snakes?? *Pics*

  1. The thread about what we spend our money on (other than bags) has inspired me to post pics of my other true love...snakes!!

    Here are 4 of my critters!!!

    Ball Python:


    Jungle Carpet Python:


    Green Tree Python #1:



    Green Tree Python #2 (baby):


  2. Both green pythons are GORGEOUS!
  3. OH MY!!! I'm terrified of snakes :sad: But hey, if you like them then that's great!
  4. I'm only afraid of snakes if they're poisonous!

    (I remember when someone would bring a boa constrictor to show my elementary school class. All the other girls were shrieking and I was going, "COOL! Can I touch it?")

    The green tree pythons are gorgeous, by the way!
  5. Me! :wlae:

    I have a BP and a corn snake. Dang I'd love to get my hands on a pie bald BP but $4,000+ :censor: Not happening anytime soon.

    And yes, critters are expensive! I love mine though. Cant wait to get my dart frogs but its too hot for shipping right now. And there is nowhere local to get them.
  6. That first green tree python is beautiful! I'm not a big fan of snakes, but I'm only afraid of the small ones for some reason.
  7. Aww! I LOVE snakes.:heart:

    They're gorgeous!:love:
  8. What are you feeding them at this point? mice, rats, rabbits?
  9. I feed the smaller ones mice and the larger ones rats.

    Fortunately these snakes tend to max out at about 6 feet which is not large enough to eat rabbits!!
  10. The green one is gorge. It looks like it's decorated with sequins! You could wear it as a necklace and it could shimmer when it moves! :biggrin:
  11. Beautiful!!!:love: :love: My OH is actually drolling over the keyboard! (JK)
    But he's always wanted a snake...thanks for posting the pics!:flowers:
  12. your babies are so cute. i used to have a ball python, red boa and albino. actually they were DH's.
  13. had to place mine to good homes years ago.
  14. Love the snakes? When will the baby start getting his green color?
  15. Gorgeous snakes but I am so terrified with snake...