anyone like no name bags?

  1. I hear alot about brand names and designers, anyone see any outstanding no names and cant help but by them, i saw this amazing! style spy bag and just had to buy it...

    im not talkin replicas! i mean no names from walmart or another store lol

    pictures if you wanna! i love pictures lol
  2. Hi! I buy bags for different reasons, and not always stick to designer brands. I have a couple of totes from Target. The style is important, but I also ove high quality leather and impeccable workmanship in a bag.
  3. not necc. walmart...but I found cute no name brands all the time ;)
  4. I've bought several bags from Caroline Marr. A lady in Scotland who designs and makes good quality leather bags. She'll even make the bags in different colours/ sizes if you ask! check her out at Leather Bags Handmade by Cuero

  5. I like to make my own bags... :smile:
  6. I make some bags, buy some bags at arts festivals (a favorite is Mark Mowen at, get things at thrift shops.....I just love BAGS, high-end and low-down.
  7. I've got a few bags that I've purchased at a store in Boston called Jasmine Sola - they carry bags ranging from $30 to $800 and I saw this adorable bag in the window once, assumed it would be at least $500 and it was only $38! I'll buy anything!
  8. My best friend loves Hobo International. They aren't really expensive, smaller bags stay under $100 but they are always made with nice leathers ;)
  9. I saw the cutest brown leather day clutch with a retractable wrist strap by Hobo International today! It was $90 and SO cute!
  10. One of my favorite purses is actually a Fossil. Another one is made out of a coconut, and a third was made in approximately 1870, and is solid brass. I'll wear anything that's cute, fun and will live forever. I have some high end purses, but they are put on the same trial as the low end - they have to make me happy, and they have to hold up under normal usage.
  11. I have 1-2 no name bags but absolutely not the copy style of brandname bags. If I have no money to pay for the high-end bag, I wouldn't go for a copy-style one.
  12. I wore a suede tote bag from Old Navy to death....and all my expensive bags just sat around unused because the tote was the cutest thing I owned in my opinion at the time....most of my evening bags and clutches are no name, I buy strictly for the design of them, not the designer.
  13. I used to love Friis&Company(danish label retails for like 50-100 bucks) purses and I got 20 + waiting in my closet. But they will be waiting for a loooong time :rolleyes:

    Although they are gorgeous I guess I become more shallow and only want to wear my designer bags :supacool:
  14. I buy bags that I love...whether that be "designer" bags or bags I find at Target et al . Something about each bag makes me happy...that's what is important to me.
  15. I LOVE Maxx New York handbags. I buy them all the time from QVC and

    The styling is awesome and the prices are great. Plys their linings are always fun patterns and colors. They rock!