Anyone like new Miu Miu leather tote on the ads on the website?

  1. Hi. Does anyone like the new Miu Miu leather tote? I am trying to decide if I should buy it. It looks like a regular tote and I want it to look unique. That is the only name that I can find for the bag. It is currently in the Fall ads in magazines and on the official Miu Miu website campaign with Laetitia Casta. It can also be found on NM's website in the Fall handbags section.

    It's about 15 3/4" W X 15"H X 5 1/2" D. It's the gray color. It also comes in brown and black. It has the buckle detail that the Coffer bag has. Thanks for any opinions.
  2. Personally, don't love it. Kind of blah looking. :nogood:
  3. If it's the one I'm thinking of, I'm not crazy about it either. It looks like the love child of a laptop case and an overnight bag. :shrugs:

    That being said if you love it, then get it!
  4. Thanks for your opinions. I don't think that I love that style. It looks like just a tote bag. So it is kind of plain, but I do like the front lock or buckle detail. It's the same lock as the Coffer bag. I know that I love the Coffer bag. I am just unsure about this particular style. It's been seen in many magazines for the Fall season. So I guess they thought that would be their "BIG" or most popular bag this fall.