Anyone like Luella?

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  1. While I was doing the typical web surf of bags, I recently came across this Luella "padlock suzi tote" that caught my eye. I don't remembering seeing Luella on PF, does any like them, or own any?

    Anyways, I think this tote in the smaller size, and in the chino color is kinda nice. Here are a few pics to get a better look...

    Thoughts on Luella or the tote?

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  2. I used to love the Luella bags. I like the chino color.
  3. is the chino color more like the second or third pic color? What's their leather like?

  4. I have the suzi tote in brown and it actually (I'm ashamed to say this) gets more use than my Spy. The medium tote is on bluefly right now for $880, they had the large tote yesterday, but if you are going for the new colors, I would go for khaki. It's not as stark as the white. But for some reason, every time I see the white, I like it more and more.

    As far as portability and all that, I absolutely love it. It's easy to use and the flaps have magnets in them to aid being shut (no zipper involved except for the inner compartment). The leather is thick in typical Luella fashion.

    My biggest complaint about Luella is once they have a certain design, then they start making every color of that, but who isn't doing that these days?
  5. thanks for the info! I think the suzi tote is one of their better you know how the khali/chino color looks? these two pics above (the last two), both are suppose to be chino....but which one is correct? aghhh:suspiciou

    I got these pics from Brown's and NM, but they really seem different....the one in the middle even looks a bit gold to me!

  6. The NM looks a little off. I don't remember it being that yellow. Colors can sometimes be a little off because of their flashes. The one from Browns definitely looks like it was under flourescent light and it looks truer to what I remember. The color is nice and you can match it with a lot of spring/summer clothes without just going with the white and other primary colors. It just reminds me of the Paddy I got from Nieman and the color hue didn't look at all like the picture.

    The tote itself is just great. The leather really stands up, probably the thickest leather of all my bags and it's durable to stay clean and undergo treatments, e.g. easiest of my bags to clean.

    The only thing, the interior suede is a soft beige-nude color, so be careful what you put in there. I am always paranoid about lipsticks I throw in that particular purse, because if it gets all over, you're pretty much done for.

    Hope this helps!
  7. thanks...

    Light color exteriors and interiors always make me nervous!!! I think this bag is, Faydens thread on the lilac balenciaga is drawing me in too! Love that gray! Man, PF threads are always jerking me left and right:wacko:
  8. ahhh, thick and durable leather.....what it should be for hefty bag prices!
  9. I totally know what you mean. The lilac twiggy!!!! My B-bags always get me nervous because the new ones' leathers are so thin that it seems if I just ran into something with an edge, it'd rip the bag open.

    I'm not sure you could even stab through the Luella leather with a knife unless you had some really big arms.
  10. hehe, that's what I feel about tods leather. How does the old b-bag leather compare? Is it a lot thicker? That lilac twiggy is sooooo pretty! love the gorgeous!! wish the leather quality was better:sad2:

  11. Does all the heart, etc. embellishment make luella bags too childish? or kinda?
  12. It depends on which bag. On a lot of them, I find them inane, but on the suzi tote, I find it more whimsical. It's just the right amount on the traditional Gisele and the Suzi, but on others, I'm not sure what is going on... Either too busy, or something... she would have baby shoes attached, etc.... Let's see how this goes, I've never posted pictures here before.

    Another Prime Example (Picture is from the Style Group):

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  13. wow, that is way, WAY too much going on! That is one crazy bag! I saw the baby shoe embellishment elsewhere and thought "yuck"! sorry, for that price, NO baby shoe should be attached to the bag!!! I thought the suzi tote was nicer because it was more toned down....however, there is that heart....not so sure about it....I wonder if people buy her bags and take some of the stuff off?!

  14. :lol:
    LOL too funny! love this forum:lol: :lol: