Anyone like L.A.P.A bags?

  1. Cruising I saw these and I really want one, I've been looking for a bag like this for so long! I've never heard of L.A.P.A before though. What does that even stand for? Has anyone ever bought this brand?


    Comes in lots of different colors, I think if I get one, I'd get it in red -

    Heres different styles, but I dont want these I just thought they were neat -


  2. Anyone even heard of them then?
  3. never heard of them! shapes look LV-inspired though. I like the third one best!
  4. I only seen them there all so , i like the thrid and last one
  5. I've never heard of this brand. They do have an LV look about them. Very pretty!
  6. They look a little too close to LV for comfort for me. ;)
  7. Yeah, the first does look like the LV. .whats it? La Faboleux (sp)? But theyre cute and bright and not a good portion of a semesters worth of college courses. I dont want it for the name (LV) I want it because I like the style :shame:
  8. they are adorable! never heard of them tho, where did u see them and how much are they? are they leather?
  9. Hey shihfan! I found them on Yes, they're made of Calf Leather, and I think they range in the $480 to $865 area.

  10. thanks for sharing V! :smile: I think the colors are a lot of fun! They do look similar to LV but really all bags resemble some other bag, more or less. Ouch, I was hoping they wouldn't be that expensive though! :amazed:

    I am glad you posted the site, I can't wait to go through it! Thanks again!!
  11. I like them, the colors are fabulous.
  12. Here is the LV it looks like (the Le Fabuleux from the Suhali collection). I would just never pay $3,250.00 for a single bag (Well. My only exception to this is the Chanel reporter I want, but even the smaller version isn't as much as this one bag) And anyways - I dont like studs :] -
    le fabuleux.jpg
  13. [​IMG]
    looks like a sac plat!

    do they make only LV-ish bags?