Anyone like flower patterns will LOVE these bags!

  1. Stumbled across this designer who makes handmade leather bags. What do you think? I like the evening bags ( would be perfect for a wedding!)
  2. Cute, but way too expensive.
  3. Those are some gorgeous bags. But I agree, I wouldn't pay that much for flowers on my bag.
  4. I like the travel bags, but I agree, it's kind of pricey...
  5. WOW! They are gorgeous and so unique! (I love the chairs, also)
    I fell in love, until I saw the price!
  6. Nice, but I agree with everyone else regarding price. To me, a new designer is an unproven entity in terms of quality. I could buy the bag, and it could start falling apart on me. I would rather pay these kinds of prices for a brand that I know will hold up. I have been noticing a lot of new designers with outrageous prices though. They must think bag lovers are idiots.
  7. Love, too expensive.
  8. they're lovely but £770 for an overnight bag is aaarggghhh except it's chanel
  9. me toooooo :rolleyes:
  10. I think I'd have to see one in person and hold it before I'd decide to pay that much. If they are all hand-sewn, and good quality leather, for something that unique I'd probably be willing to pay that. The smaller pieces aren't THAT pricy...
  11. Wow, I'm not a huge fan of flowers, but those bags are so pretty! Too bad they're so pricey
  12. They are handmade and one of a kind. I think the price is somewhat justified. If I had the money I would buy these pillows and some chairs in a heartbeat!!

  13. I was thinking similarly. The time and money for materials on these bags would cost a lot. Now, she may already have a small following for some other pieces she has doen, but the work is beautiful. It's a piece of ART, not just a handbag.

    Thanks for sharing! THESE are the sorts of designers I adore - artisans!!!
  14. Not really my style although I do appreciate the design aesthetic of them. They are way too expensive though, IMO.
  15. Very unusual and unique. I think they're pretty and I could see myself wearing one for a special luncheon or day-time function.

    I think the price is reflective of the time put into making the bags by hand.