Anyone like Eungenia Kim hats?

  1. I have a really hard time finding hats that both fit and look nice on me. On my way out of Neiman Marcus this evening, I spied the sale table in the accessories department. I headed on over and found two really cute, grey Eugenia Kim hats on sale. I tried them both on and fell in love. :love:

    Here are some pics from her website of what I got:


    [​IMG] (without the embroidery)

    I can't wait to wear them!
  2. They are the only hats I wear ( I do have a couple of Anna Kula). They are great. This year I bought 3 muffy hats.
  3. Not the hats, but I LOVE her shoes!
  4. LOVE her hats. Just bought one on sale from her website. Check my blog ;). I did a big write-up on the sale and made a few readers buy her hats!
  5. cute hats! if you don't mind me asking, how much were they on sale?
  6. I love her hats as well as LOLA hats, and tracy watts... they are TDF
  7. I really like Eugenia Kim's hats -- with the cold winter we have been having in SF, they have been fantastic!
  8. I love her hats but I don't look good in them.