Anyone like Birkenstocks?

  1. I don't think I've had a favorite "footwear" item before my Birks. They are unbelievably comfortable. I purchased my Nubuck Bostons in July ‘05 in a dark brown. Now, the nature of my job forecasts dirty conditions for my shoes, and yet I still wore nubuck... weird, I know. (I work behind the concession counter at my movie theater—a very grimy place for shoes). They are now FILTHY, beyond repair. I should have known better than to wear them to work, but I needed something to support my feet during my sometimes 12 hours on my feet. I want another pair though! I don't know what material to get them in though. I figure suede will be JUST as hard, if not harder to care for than nubuck, but I fear if I get the plain leather ones, they will loose their visual appeal. Am I crazy? Help! Thanks y’all. :lol:

    Sooo what to do... Here are pics of my old, poor birks...


    :sick: :wacko: :worried:

    What to get now?

    Suede? (This one also comes with a high-arch feature, which is good for me)




    OR... Antique Peat Leather? (Oiled leather with antique finish.)


    I want a shoe that will be fabulously easy to take care of. What do y'all think? Also, can you guys think of anything to salvage my poor nubuck birks? Thank you for your help! :smile:
  2. they're very comfy. my husband calls them gnome gliders. don't know why.
  3. have you tried Crocs I like them better then Birk. they are more confy (for me) also
  4. They do look extremely comfy. I used to hate the way they looked but if I were to get a pair, I'd go with the black suede ones.
  5. i have the suede ones. i bought them almost seven years ago and they look brand new...but i also only wear them 2x a week or so. i have a pair of leather danskos that i wear every day to work (as a waitress) and they still look as good as new after 2 years. if you're getting these shoes for work, i reccomend the leather. not as cool, but def. easier about an oiled leather pair for days off and a leather pair for work? that's what i do with my danskos. :smile:
  6. I love Birks..not much help though on which one to get..:shame:
  7. Antique Peat Leather looks nice. I'd wear birkenstocks at home and in the garden :smile:
  8. I have to wear them for work in a boring white...but yours look cool!:nuts:
  9. Thanks you guys! I e-mailed Birkenstock to see if they would be able to make me a leather pair with high-arch soles. If they can't then I'll probably just go with the regular leather ones for work, and later on, I'll get a suede pair.
  10. Have had many pairs of Birks. I think the oiled leather will hold up very well and look nicer than the shiny leather.
  11. I've had a few pairs back in school. I would go with the second one, but I also agree with Chanel4me83...try some Crocs too.
  12. I have the suede and am a little careful with them they are dark brown. Tan in nu-buck which held up well too. I love my birks for running around!
  13. I have three pairs (went through a hippy stage in college). Two pairs of sandals (one purple, the other dark green) plus a pair of the leather shoes you have (I have them in black leather). They are awesome! I purchased them right before I gave birth to my first child (almost 5 years ago) and they still look great and are so comfy. Go for the leather; they will hold up much better than the ones you have now.

    Good luck!
  14. wow! I haven't heard of Birkenstocks since high school and that is wow, way too long ago! Yea, I had a pair, wonder where they are now. I'm sure I still have them somewhere at my mom's.

    Yea, I agree with Becca, the Leather holds up beter with time. They don't look as worn as the suede gets! :smile:

    happy feet are good! :smile: