Anyone like a little shimmer?

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  1. There is a new bag in the men's collection for Spring/Summer '09 that is an East-West tote about the size of an Hermes 40 Birkin. It is in black oil or vegetable tanned cowhide. It is very sturdy.

    But, the most interesting thing is that in the tanning process, mica is embedded in the skin. It is a very subtle effect. I do think it will appeal to women more than men, in size and in effect.

    What do you think?
  2. castorny - Because I was a crow in a previous life, or have some crow DNA or something...I would love this look! WOW. I cannot tell from the picture, but will look for it this weekend at the boutique.
  3. You have to be very close to the bag to realize there is a shimmer. I say shimmer because it is not obvious enough to be a sparkle. Does that make sense?

    Gorgeous bag and I love that it is a more natural leather.
  4. ^^^^
    gorgeous bag castorny :heart:
  5. I love this bag. Nicole from Atlantic City boutique actually sent me some pics of this sometime ago. She thought I would love it. Of course, I do. LOL I've been bad lately, so I have to live vicariously through others.

    Get it!
  6. Love the simple style of this tote.

    BTW, what color is Matita? Is it a black or a dark blue? TIA
  7. Lurrrve!
  8. I think I would really like it in person. I can't see the shimmer well in the photo. It looks very pretty and subtle.
  9. Love Matita!

    The color is very similar to "pencil lead". It's technically black with a hint of (what I call) glitter, but it's a very subtle shimmer.

    It's uber hard to describe / explain - you have to see it in person.
  10. ^Thanks, Bryan!

    That's right! "Matita" means pencil in Italian. :yes:
  11. Like pencil graphite. Very accurate.
  12. If anyone can get a good picture of the leather, showing its personality, please post it here...I'd like to add it to the color threads! :tup:
  13. Love pencil graphite color. I did see [plenty] graphite zip around wallets when I visited NYC a month ago. 'graphite' was what the SA told me; I wonder if it is the same as Matita. At that time I thought 'Oh, this is a very dark version of ferro!' The graphite sheen is just like [maybe a tiny bit more than] the sheen in ferro sloane [in my eyes].
    I love all BV mens' simple yet stylish totes.
  14. Gorgeous color!:woohoo:
  15. No, Graphite is similar to Ferro, but Matita is a new color for S/S 09