Anyone knows where to get this?

  1. [​IMG]

  2. totally cute!
  3. Some outlets carry them
  4. so cute.
  5. I know the Orlando outlet had them during Memorial Day!
  6. I would try an outlet store.
  7. im nowhere near an outlet store right now. :sad: but thanks!
  8. I saw some at the outlet also. My sister is going again to the outlet this weekend.

    I wonder--are boardies allowed to buy for one another or is that against board rules?
  9. Double check the rules, no trading or swapping but not sure about the buying for each other.
  10. I saw it at the Seattle Premium Outlets in Tulalip. :roflmfao: I will never understand why they named it that when its not even in Seattle.
  11. how much is that in the outlet?
  12. Not sure. I wasn't looking at these but I do remember seeing them. Oh the thought of reading rules. :p
  13. i think they were $50 or $60 when i was there a few months back. they are cute!
  14. Hi, saw one on eBay: 270142405974 :smile:
  15. Try calling holt renfrew they might have one or two.