Anyone knows where to get CAMELLO coffer?

  1. Hey all coffer fanatics, really need your opinions on this. I went to de miu miu store yesterday to place an order on a coffer bag in CAMELLO, but i was told its a past season bag and i coudnt get hold of it. The SA brought out another tone of brown wch is named NOCE (i think, its not dark brown, but i was told that it's 2 tones darker than Camello). Anyone has pics of these 2 brown bags? i had my eyes set on CAMELLO but since its past season, im wandering if i shld get the noce tone of brown. Please comment, thanks!

    cheers :smile:
  2. Believe it or not, this is the Camello Coffer. I know that it looks more taupe, but the Coffer was not made in taupe to my knowledge.

    Hope this helps!! ;)
  3. This is a much more accurate picture of the color of a Camello Coffer:

    coffer camello.JPG
  4. Hi miu2,
    thanks for the pictures and references. :smile:
    i really cant decide if i should get Noce or camello, do u knw anywhere else that i can get hold of a camello coffer?
  5. Don't want to break any rules here on tPF...but you might keep your eye on eBay in the next day or two........;)
  6. To be fair, let me add this: I think that the Noce would wear better as the lighter in color the coffer is, the more care you must take of it. For example, the ivory/cream is very delicate and color/wear transfers onto it very easily. The Camello will show darkening wherever consistent contact is made on the bag (ie - where the bag rubs against your body, the braided handle where your hand makes contact repeatedly, etc.). Now, the darker bags show very little signs of wear. I use my black one every day without any hesitation and it shows no signs of wear. I think that the Noce would wear more like the black than the lighter bags. I just received the prugna (plum) coffer and LOVE it. It looks alot like a dark brown with a hint of plum!! I believe that it will wear exceptionally well also. Again, hope this helps!! :yes:
  7. dear miu2,
    Thanks alot for that tip! It sure is something to take into consideration. =)
    I was just afraid that Noce is a bit orangey. i saw the Plum in stores, its really special! but i doubt i can carry it off as a everyday bag.

    Just wandering, do u have a Camello yourself? are the darkened areas really obvious?
  8. Yes I have the Camello, but I don't wear it often. I have 2 friends who wear their camellos more than I do and there is definitely darkening where the back of the ruched leather rubs their hips and on the braided strap. The leather will get a "bit shiny" as well. I'll be really honest with you........I think that the way the Camello wears, gives it character. But that's just me. :shrugs: Let me see if I can get a pic of the wear on a Camello for you...............:cutesy:
  9. BTW - are you looking to wear this bag as an "everyday" bag? :smile:
  10. Okay, here is a pic of the Camello that I sold for a friend. This is the back of the bag where the body rubs on her hip. Look closely and you can see where it is darker on the tops of the ruched leather.
    I've also added a picture of the bag in morning daylight so you can see the color better. ;)

  11. dear miu2,
    WOW!!! its pretty in the daylight! its taken with no flash light?

    Yes im buyin a coffer to wear it as an everyday bag! =) I wanted a black one at de very beginning, until i saw the CAMELLO. :p

    You know anyone who has bought de Noce one? de online image can be decieving, hehe.
  12. Sorry, I wish that I could say that I have seen it irl, but I haven't and I don't know anyone who has bought it. Let me know if I can be of any further help. ;)
  13. dear miu2,
    thanks alot! u've been a great help. i guess my heart is still set on de Camello. :sad: but if i really cant get it i wld have to go with de Noce. just hope that it isnt as dark IRL as the one in the link above. THANK YOU SO MUCH!