Anyone knows where to find BLUE based Cuff bracelet?

  1. I'm desperately looking for a dark blue based cuff bracelet. Dont mind Dark Knight, Canard or Blue Roi. In Giant Sliver Hardware.. I want it so bad and have no idea where to find it!!!
  2. try with BALENCIAGA cannes ,, they usually have lots of bracelets and accessories ;)
  3. Hey CG...been reading a lot of your posts giving vital leads as to the whereabouts of certain rare are now our most honorable Bal hunter!! ( like Bobba Fett, the Bounty Hunter in Star wars...oops sorry, that one gives my age away)
  4. The Barneys website have an atlantique but with a RGGH and a blue paon with silver.
  5. PinkPeonies thanks dear, but I dont really fancy blue poan & atlantique..
    CHLOEGLAMOUR thank you! just emailed them!
  6. :biggrin::roflmfao: thank you my bella pbdb new avatar[​IMG]
  7. ^^^:tup::tup::tup::tup::hugs::giggles: