Anyone knows where this Silverado Hobo (medium) is sold and the price?

  1. I think Bloomingdales is one of the only stores that still carry Silverado. Try San Francisco maybe...otherwise you'll have to go to eBay!
  2. Thks mona_danya. Did try to search for them online but they said that Chloe bags are only sold in their stores. :sad:

    Wonder if anyone saw this bag while they are shopping and if so, where and how much?
  3. moving to the shopping sub... :yes:
  4. I saw a bunch of these today at Bloomingdales for about the same price. I think you can call the store and order one.
  5. I got a black one from the Nordstrom 60% off sale. You could try Nordstrom and see if they check the computer for availability. I paid $499+ tax for the sale. Good Luck!
  6. thks shopdoc and starbuxxx. I will try to contact them.
  7. Which Bloomingdale store? Also did you see satchel style besides the hobo?

    Thank you.