Anyone Knows Where I Can Find A French Blue Coin Purse?

  1. I'm dying for it!!! Anyone knows if there are any places that carries a French Blue Coin Purse???:push:
  2. Not sure if Bal NY has this....u may want to call them directly to check??
  3. I saw one at the Neiman Marcus at Tysons Galleria, VA. I got a French Wallet in that color. Is this it?

  4. ^^That wallet looks like blue glacier.
  5. Hmm,
    I don't think it's french blue, i think it's blue glacier
  6. I called almost every store on the "Stores carrying Balenciaga" thread looking for a french blue coin purse or mu clutch and couldn't find one. I figured I'd have to watch eBay or wait for the fall colors.