anyone knows when the chanel boutiques will be doing 2nd markdowns?

  1. i keep hearing about the department stores doing second markdowns after xmas, how about the boutiques?? tia.
  2. Not in Canada. Are you asking about the States?
  3. hi jayne,
    yes i'm asking about the states...the sale in canada is quite pathetic, with the 30% discount, it works out to about the regular price in USD.
  4. ^^ Pathetic is right, Do they even discount further than the 30%? I can't remember, but anything good is gone at 30%.
  5. i've only seen RTW and shoes going on sale for more than 30%, other than that i think 30% is the max.
  6. ditto, i heard 2nd markdowns in the us are in january, but only 30%