anyone knows when holts will be doing f&f or the 25% amex card holder sale again?

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  1. tks
  2. I think it's in April; there was a thread about it in the LV forum somewhere but I don't remember the date. I would expect mid April?
  3. tks, i remember 3 years ago it was mid to end of march, i guess it's later now...i hope i won't miss it, need to get myself a couple pairs of new jeans.
  4. besides LV and tiffany does anyone know what specific brands are restricted?
  5. It depends on the Holts, I find that they are not consistent. The last one Gucci was excluded at one location but when I went to another Holt's Gucci was not excluded

  6. it is end of april i believe!
  7. Just got a letter in the mail, it is this coming weekend for Holt Renfrew Amex card holders!:supacool:
  8. ^ :yes:

    Excited everyone ?

    I must say.. I am disappointed in the stingyness, no Gucci handbags/small goods !
  9. Does it say whether Tiffany is excluded this time?
  10. Thanks, I wanted to get some stuff there too on sale.
  11. Yes Tiffany is excluded... typical!:yes:
  12. april 11-13 i believe
  13. Yes, I got the letter saying it's this weekend.
  14. what are the excluded brends?
  15. I got my letter. I may check it out this weekend, but 25% isn't that much.