Anyone knows this?

  1. Anyone ever heard of this brand? It's a German brand, but why I only ever see it in Asia and Oz?

    The quality is about on par with Furla and Longchamp, I guess.
  2. [​IMG]


    Their ads are somehow remind me to those of longchamp loooooooooong... ago :shrugs:

    BTW, am NOT affiliated to this brand in any way :wlae:
  3. There's a lot of them being sold in Singapore. They are considered mid-range bags, they costs less than SGD400 which is less than USD300?? They claimed to be made in Germany. They are quite under-rated. This brand is a true testimony of you can get outstanding craftsmanship and leather for so much less. Sometimes when they have a sale, it's really worth checking them out. I prefer their older designs which are more understated and classic looking. And their leather reminds me of the old Etienne Aigner. Having said that much, I'm still not a fan as I don't like their designs, just doesn't strike a chord with me.
  4. Very elegant- it does remind me quite a bit of Longchamp. Looks like they have very limited distribution though.
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    this one is cute:


    slip:thanks for the info. can you compare the quality with... say longchamp or furla? :confused1: its price point is way lower, though...
  6. I have not bought any bags, but I have too noted that the quality seems decent and friends who have bought from this brand have said they are long lasting.