Anyone knows this Vuitton model

  1. Hello, this model is from Fall/Winter 2008 collection. But I can't find any further information for this bag. Here's a photo. I mean the blue one on the right side on the top of the picture

    If anyone knows the name or the material of this bag please let me know :tender:[​IMG]
  2. Maybe it's this one????

  3. have you tried searching through the fall winter summary thread? i think it was mentioned in there near the begining.
  4. Your question was answered in the FW07 thread. I'll just repeat.

    This bag is nameless or at least I don't know the name of it because it will not be produced, but it belongs to the Monogram Motard line which will only have 2 bags made into production: The Pochette and Biker (:drool:).
    The POchette is not in your picture, but you can just do a search for it.
    The Biker is the black/green (aliigator) one on the bottom left AND the brown/black (officially called Marron) one one the bottom right.

    The material for all the Motard bags will be LAMBSKIN LEATHER on the outside made like the Olympe bags from SS07 (but with a varnished vernis-like coating my SA said...). However, the inside will be cotton canvas.
  5. which catalogue/magazine is that ??, I love all the pics
  6. Thanks a lot for your information. It's a great pity that Vuitton will not produce this model.

    By the way, there are other pretty models.