Anyone knows saks pre-sale coming soon?

  1. I am eyesing two christian louboutin booties for myself and mom. anyone has any ideas about sale starts? I really need them...I am in toronto, and price is so crazy here...even though we have greater currency right now...shame!!:yucky:
  2. there's already some sale going on at Saks, but none of the major players for shoes.

    lots of bags though.
  3. Saks designer sale starts the 28th.
  4. so no luck for shoes? I am thinking to get christian louboutin shoes for now and get them do price adjustment if sale coming soon...sigh!!
  5. that's a good idea, but be sure to wait until you have only 14 days left before the sale. otherwise they won't do a price adjustment.
  6. Dec 15th is the next gift card event
  7. I really need to find out when is this sale coming...just in case I am excluded from price adjustment period. And thank you Z&J this is good news!! I will see if any good news for scoring louboutin shoes.:yes:
  8. anyone know which brands of bags are on sale?