Anyone knows if Macy's gift card can be used in LV boutique?

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Aug 5, 2006
Minneapolis, Minnesota
This is what says. I think probably not bc it says Macys merch only and it technically not macys but LV.

Gift Card Terms and Conditions

For balance or customer service go to or any store, or call 1-800-511-2752. Macy's cards are redeemable only for merchandise and in-store services at Macy's, and Macy's cards may be purchased as a gift or given in place of issuing a credit to a credit card or a proof of purchase return from another payment method. Returns may be applied to Macy's card. The Macy's card may not be redeemed for cash or applied as payment or credit to any credit card account. Card receipts will show any remaining balance. Protect the card: the bearer is responsible if it is lost or stolen. Lost or stolen cards will only be replaced with proof of purchase and only for the value shown on our records.

Macy's cards are issued by Macy’s Gift Card, LLC. The card is required for all inquiries.

Macy's Gift cards sold on or after 2/3/08 do not expire!
No fees are imposed.


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Jul 23, 2006
I've just recently purchased a LV handbag at Macy's Herald square using a gift card. You can defintly use a Macy's gift card in the LV boutique.


Feb 10, 2007
Thanks guys! Yes, I meant the actual gift card and not a coupon that Macy's hands out. I know that Macy's promos don't include LV.


Oct 31, 2006
Brooklyn, NY
Yes you may, because I always use my Macy's credit card to buy in Herald Sq. Store. So if they except that, I don't see why they wouldn't take your GC. Also, they don't except LV gift certificates because they claim that they're part of Macy's shops...which works in your favor. HTH