Anyone knows how this style is called?

  1. Hi everyone, I´ve seen this bag in the maganzines, but the name of the style is never mentioned, does anyone know? the leather looks just yummy on the pics:drool:
    sorry for the bad pic.
    thanks for the help

  2. sorry forgot the pic!

    Photo 79.jpg
  3. I think it's a quilted Sharpey, not 100% certain though.
  4. yes, Sharpey, it's new.
  5. Thanks very much for your replies.

    Does anyone has this bag already? do you know the measuerments?
  6. I think Jill has it.... you could do a search.
  7. yes, do a search, there's a quite a few threads about it, lots of pictures:yes:
  8. I have the black SHARPEY TOTE.The one u posted is The FLAP TOTE...a slightly different bag actually.Its harder to get too....mine is an open top tote where this one has the flap
  9. Thanks alot! :smile:
  10. I love the flap version, this must be even more $$$$ than the sharpey tote. OMG!!!
  11. You can probably see this collection in stores soon. My mom's SA told her, they shipped out from paris this monday...they will be receiving sharpey flap and this one..(if I didn't remember it wrongly..). I have ordered sharpey flap one for myself. We'll see.;)
  12. actually its "quite" cheaper than from what I read about the totes so far. The magazine I saw it said 1550 € which are about 1995 $.

    I would love to see it IRL, but I doubt that the boutique in vienna is going to have it, because its very small.
  13. oh I hope it comes in red!!!
  14. I just recently saw a Sharpey tote at Saks done in chocolate pony hair and the top was done with a kiss lock/metal frame. it was stunning and totally :drool::drool: and $3450. I would have bought it but the bottom seemed not supportive enough for every day. I jsut carry too much stuff. I was so dumbfounded by it's beauty that I didn't even think to take a pic for you ladies, sorry! I think this flap style is stunning too!
  15. Wow $3450:wtf: Gorgeous bag though!