anyone knows how much is this?

  1. hello, my friend in texas is helping me get a bag with the PCE card this weekend. need some help on 2 questions:

    1) anyone knows what is the retail price of this signature stripe tote - smallest size #11097?
    (the one pictured is not the smallest, but same style)


    ps: can't find the smallest size on the website, hopefully it's still available at the store.

    2) my friend stays in houston, TX... which Coach store would you recommend that she visit (most helpful SA, more stock availability etc.)?

    many thanks! :flowers:
  2. I believe that one is $268 retail.
  3. *Coach*Lover*: thanks for the quick reply :smile:
    $268 is for the medium size (#11098). i've seen an even smaller one than that, it's a hand-carry size but same open-top tote style (can't really be carried on the shoulder), that's the one i'm looking for.....
  4. I've never seen a smaller one...11097 doesn't come up in the drilldown.
  5. There's a smaller one? I seen the 11098 in the store yesterday and it looked pretty small to me. :confused1:
  6. You could always call CS, give them the style number and then tell them you want to know the style number of the smallest size.
    It's worked for me before =)
  7. $268...i decided to go with the bigger one after i figured out hey spend like 30 more bucks and its i got the bigger one...i haven't seen them at any stores...maybe ur friend will get lucky...
  8. thanks ladies for your help. guess i'll just wait and see if my friend gets lucky this weekend then :smile:

    not sure if the smallest size is only available in singapore/asia. cuz i've seen 3 sizes for this signature strip tote, there's a large (US$298), a medium (US$268) and smallest - which i didn't find on US website at all.
  9. ooh... the smallest signature tote size finally shows up on Coach's website - style # 11098 ($228) and denim - 11178 ($258) (both new).

    perhaps it's still not ready for launch on the website, the descriptions and retail price shows up but not the pictures.
    i've seen both IRL in the stores here in singapore... really small but very cute. i just think the open-top (no-zip) bugs me too much.