Anyone knows a lot about rocks and geology?

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  1. I have this big rock (about 10 lbs) from a beach in North-Western Europe. It looks pretty much like a regular rock, but when you look closely it has maybe 200 small red spots. And when you look really closely, you can see it looks like tiny red crystals.
    Does anyone here know what kind of rock this might be? Nobody has been able to tell me anything about it so far.
    (the red spots look lighter in the picture than they actually are, and the tiny crystals aren't really visable on the picture either).

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  2. It looks like uncut, unpolished marble to me. Just a guess, though!
  3. I forgot to say that the other side of it is grey, and not tan/peach like color as the side I took the pictures of.
  4. i dunno either, but it's pretty!
  5. A chunk of metamorphic rock is what you've got, Rain. :yes: I'd have to take a closer look to tell you exactly what type of rock it is. Does the dull side look grandular? Are there bits of mica or feldspar (flecks of silver) in the rock? The red is probably flecks of garnet, as you likely have quartzite or eclogite on your hands.

    It could also be marble limestone. If you have access to a lab, drop a single drop of diluted HCl on it. If it bubbles, it's marble limestone.