Anyone Know?

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  1. How much international shipping is from BG? Really want the suede prives!

  2. International Deliveries
    At this time, it is not possible to specify international destinations and U.S. territories when placing an order online. However, you may have your purchase shipped to an international address by calling 1.972.556.6080.

  3. Sorry, can't help with how much though...
  4. Thanks, I got that part, it costs about $2 a minute to call so didn't want to call just to see how much shipping was if I wasn't making an order lo l

  5. they have an online chat customer thing. Maybe you should try asking someone through there.
  6. Thanks so much, said they can't do it :sad:

  7. That's odd - I pre-ordered the patent VP from Bergdorf Goodman with shipping to the UK, I think shipping was about $19.
  8. Just doing it now - they can do it! $19 your right - was there any customs when it got into uk?
  9. I used the online chat - the SAs place the order for you you can't do it directly. HTH
  10. Haven't got them yet - expected delivery in August I think :smile: I am expecting to pay customs although I think some shipments may escape it if you are lucky.
  11. August?! My god! That's a long time to wait! I'm assuming if these are on pre-order that means all the shoes are brand new into the store? i.e no returns will be sent out to me? x
  12. So far I ordered twice from BG. One of them was online for a Jimmy Choo shoe that was on sale for around $300 and I didn't get charge customs. The last time I ordered was a pair of CL flats and they were around $250 and got charged $65 CAD for customs. They also charged me like $50 for FedEx Next Day shipping too.

    I'm debating whether to cancel my order from NM now cuz the fees are soo high! Oh but shipping when preorder from BG and NM was $20.
  13. I just ordered from BG and was charged $50 for shipping to Australia.