Anyone know........

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  1. ........retail pricing in the USA of the Web II 1923 bags?

    I think I'm going to try to find one in Etoupe Swift for the Spring/Summer and have to start planning from now....since it's turning out to be like finding a needle in a haystack.........geesh..........:s
  2. Don't you just love the Web II???? I love it so much....I just can't figure out a colour...Etoupe is very nice, for some reason I like it in bright colours, but since I don't wear bright coloured bags, it could be a problem... LOL!!:rolleyes:

    P.S: If you want, I can find out in my neck of the woods, if they have it and how much it costs....
  3. I'd LOVE that, Duna!!!!! I just need some kind of idea....KWIM?

    How about Havane for you? I saw one in NYC in November and it was gorgeous!!!!!
  4. Ah.... Etoupe swift. <<swoon>>

    And, as an added bonus, I've almost always seen is with white contrasting stitching. So very fetching. Can't wait to see you with one - I'll keep an eye out, too!
  5. Duna - there's a gorgeous pic of an orange one floating somewhere in TPF. I'd forward ya the link but I have to wait for the "search" feature to be re-enabled first.:rolleyes:

    S'Mom - Can't your local store order you one? :confused1: Podium's not til next month and it should be relatively easy. Etoupe, swift... c'mon, easy, non?

    New year, new beginnings. I hope that your store showers you w/ many orange boxes and all the H wishes that your heart desires!:tender: