Anyone Know?

  1. That is the Brief. :yes:You can try NM, Saks, BalNY, Barney's or almost any store that carries Bbags. It shouldn't be hard to find it.:tup:
  2. Do you think that you can me a link to a place of where to buy one...?
  3. This is the bag I'm currently obsessed with! I think it looks really great on V.A.Hudgens! She's so petite and cute! It's a great bag - I had two awhile ago, but they're long gone and I miss them. I'm working on getting another one soon!
  4. :nuts:
    I really need to get my butt to a store that carries Balenciaga bags to see all the different styles in person. I bought my first Bbag a year ago this month, I have purchased some 20 bags or so, and I currently own 9 bags, yet I have not been to a store to see any! My first excuse was because Barneys in Beverly Hills is about a 2 hour drive for me, but now that Neiman's near me is carrying them, I think I am affraid I will walk out with loads of bags and accessories once I finally see them all. But I never imagined how cute a Brief could look on the shoulder! I thought it was too big to look cute, but Vanessa is definitely smaller than me, and the bag looks adorable on her! I think a trip to Neiman's would be a great first outing for my Violet City when she arrives tomorrow!!!
    Thanks elegentangel for finding the pf, and posting a thread and picture that has motivated this old timer! I'll make sure to tell my DH it was all your fault when I break the bank tomorrow!
  5. ^^ lol Deana.

    shift the blame girlie..........whatever gets the DH spending the cash!!