Anyone know why they are different?

  1. I have just recieved my Jumbo Caviar classic flap with Gold Hardware. The double c clasp has the "square" stamp/engraving on the bottom right hand corner(when you look at it face on) If you have the bag over your shoulder and are looking down it's the bottom left(if you see what I mean!)does anyone know why it is sometimes in the top/bottom left?:confused1:
  2. Hmm where did you get your bag from? I have heard that some fakes put the stamp on the bottom right. But I know some vintage ones have that and they are real. Is yours new or vintage?
  3. Brand new from the Chanel boutique in Brompton Rd London! It cost me £1170!
  4. Is this mark new? I bought my jumbo earlier this year and I swear, I just don't see it on my CC closure. I purchased it directly from the boutique so it is obviously an authentic bag. Im'm totally confused by all of this talk.
  5. Thanks Chloe babe, but my engraving is diagonally opposite in place to the ones in that thread! I'm even more worried now!!!!!!!!!
  6. i'm glad someone notice this as well. i posted a thread asking new buyers who bought a new jumbo caviar recently notice the stamp engraved at the bottom of the left hand 'CC' instead of at the top left 'CC'.

    i too saw that in sloanne and bond street. is it just a UK thing???

    can i ask is your jumbo 'CC' the newer version? is the 'CC' thinner and wider as described in the linked thread by Chloe-babe, posted by StarBrite?
  7. kaka28 - I just got it today but i think it is the older version, slightly thicker cc logo. The serial no begins 11 so i think that is fall/winter?
    Also mine is at the bottom right hand corner not bottom left!( if you look at it face on, with the bag in front of your face!!!!)
  8. bought mine yesterday and you are right the stamp is at the bottom right when you look at it from face on.

    my stamp is like a little turtoe was oppose to 'W' on my medium flap.

    i think only gold hardware has stamp/engraving on the 'CC'.

    i wonder what the stamp really means.