Anyone Know Why Some Costume Pieces Aren't Hallmarked?

  1. I got some Chanel costume jewelry which has no any tags /satmped.

    I can confirm that it is authentic but am really sorry to say that the price is much more than retail (I guess the seller will get at least $100 from this auction). If you don't mind about the add price, go and get it.
  2. i love chanel pins. the simple ones, without crystals, extra do-dads, or flowers. but chanel doesn't really have a catalog they really send out, and the stores are never well stocked. eBay seems the only real choice, it's just waiting and the gamble. i wouldn't buy this one per se. but it is the style i like, and it seems current enough to be marked. i just didn't know why some seemed to be skipped.

  3. Well for one thing, those little oval plates do fall off. That happened to me on a few occasions.
  4. Yes, I suspect the oval makers mark has just fallen off.
  5. I thought that my new camellia CC necklace that I bought about 2-3 months ago didn't have an oval stamp (the way my other Chanel necklace does). When I looked really closely at the lobster clasp one day, I realized there was a tiny tiny oval on the lobster clasp itself. :yes:

    Perhaps it's very tiny and hidden somewhere on the clasp?
  6. just thought i'd let you know. the stamp is there. If you look at it from the front, it's near the bottom right corner, and it's stamped, instead of an oval plate. they stamp the authenticity logo instead of using a plate on certain pieces. Chanel doesn't send out catalogues with all their product info because that's not their image. They have look books for their clients to LOOK at, but never do they send them out.
  7. Good eye peace911_1! I see the makers mark now. That seller should have made mention of it. It's a very pretty pin.