anyone know why lizard skin is banned in cali?

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  1. i've noticed this when i see something lizard online it always has a little note, cannot ship to california.

    anyone know why? and why is it only to california? so is there anyway to get by this, i mean do they actually look inside the package and check? how do they track it? also, so if someone has a lizard bag in cali is that illegal?

    i just see california as a sister to new york. :biggrin:
  2. I would love to know why also....I have always wondered why but never remembered to ask anybody?!
  3. I was quite curious about this too, I googled around and found:

    Fashion conscious Californian's have the slither around to around to trap this springs trendiest shoes, bags, pants and jackets in python. Since 1970 the sale of python skin or parts has been outlawed. Importing or shipping products made from the endangered species into the state for commercial purposes is illegal. Violators face a maximum fine of $5,000 or a six-month accommodations in an unflattering orange jumpsuit at a county jail. Stylists and fashionistas have creatively come up with ways to acquire the goods. Some shoppers fly to Las Vegas, while one stylists orders directly from Gucci in Hawaii, which will mail it. It's legal to bring your own python across state lines, as long as you don't plant to sell it. California is the only state with a ban on all types of python, although only Indian python is on the endangered species list.
  4. ooo, thanks! i figured not pythons are endangered. interesting ban...
  5. It seems like a pretty silly law since not all pythons are endangered. I hope it gets re-evaluated soon. And having it illegal in just one state, where the trully determined ladies will get their hands on it in another state anyway, can't really make that much of a difference.
  6. That is wierd it cant be shipped here, considering you can buy it here. I know this for sure because my mother, who was in town recently bought the lizard Chloe Paddington at Nordstrom. Maybe only retailers can have it shipped to them.
  7. Interesting, I was wondering about this too :idea:
  8. I thought it's only the python handbags that are ban here in Cali, not the lizard?
  9. With apologies to California residents...that state is a bit weird when it comes to these things. In my former (employed) life, I dealt with the fact that CA has stricter rules about crystal! As in Waterford lead-crystal.... They require a lower amount of lead in the crystal than does the rest of the country because they believe its dangerous to drink from leaded glass.
  10. Well isn't it?

    I do find all this interesting, I'm learning more and more about the state I've lived in since I was born. Now if only someone could tell me why the sales tax is so stupid high.
  11. ^^ Yes, leaded glass is dangerous but in great exposure. For example, its not recommended that you store brandy in a crystal decanter. Pour it in, serve it, then return it to the original bottle. But CA makes you put a label on leaded crystal saying 'use of this product has been known to cause birth defects'. Personally, I think more birth defects have been caused by the brandy IN the decanter than by the decanter itself!
  12. Fascinating...

    I don't agree w/ this ban, (mainly cuz it's keeping me and the Chloe I want apart) :smile:
    But I do agree w/ Governor Ah-nold on some other legislation, like the ban on serving foie gras, so I guess it balances out...
  13. WOW a ban on Foie gras? That is gonna piss some foodies off. I think it's wrong and creepy to force feed an animal so its liver gets huge. Is veal next?
  14. My brother owns a restaurant in Walnut Creek, CA...and they have had this on the menu at times. It is a very controversial thing....
    I had never even knew what it was until it was brought up at Thanksgiving that he had it on the menu. All I can say is EWWW.
  15. it's only python that is banned in california. that is why many designers use anaconda and watersnake instead of python. Many retailers still find ways to sell python in califonia.