Anyone know why cats like to sit on computer keyboards?

  1. I'm wondering because my cat goes straight for the computer keyboard rather than his comfy cat bed. Does anyone know why?
  2. To be near you, to get your attention & yet seem coy about it. :p If you sat in front of his comfy bed for hours, he'd be there instead.
  3. Awww. I thought maybe he was using the keyboard as a butt warmer!
  4. HAHA, Mariah crawls up into my lap just to get to my keyboard on the desk! And when I have my laptop out-you guessed it, shes on my laptop keyboard! I think its cute.
  5. so true!!! they can't stand you paying attention to something other than them... as annoying as they may be sometimes, i still :heart: my kitties.
  6. I bet they want to sneak a peek and check out the purse forum with you :lol:
  7. i think it's a combination of the heat and also that is where your hands are- so you might pet them!
  8. [​IMG]

    Betty loves the keyboard, especially when I am on TPF! :shame:

    She usually wants attention and wants to play. I took the pic a few months ago when she had her haircut.

    She's back to her fluffy self, so we have a grooming appointment ($75+:shocked:) on Monday.
  9. My cat likes to put his little paws on the keyboard sometimes pressing down on the keys...he's spoiled rotten! :upsidedown:
  10. I can't see the picture. I bet it's awful cute though!
  11. Because that's where they will be the most "in your way" possible. I am pretty sure my cats can read my mind. When I decide to sit in a chair a cat has just jumped up and sat there. If I decide to lay in bed there are my furry kids in the way and looking pleased with themselves. At least I know they love me. Or at least that's what I tell myself when I have to lay down in an uncomfortable position so as not to disturb the furry royalty.
  12. ^^^
    LOL! So true Cindi!
    My cats are like that too and they always do this in the worst possible times, like when I was madly in a rush to do so many things in the office (I keep my cats in the office btw).

    I have an old computer at the office with an old, big, boxy monitor. The back of the monitor is my cats' fav spot, I think it's coz it's warm up there. And yes, there have been numerous occasions where one of them would just lounge in my keyboard, pressing too many buttons in the process! Makes me wanna scream sometimes, but I just look into their eyes and all is forgiven, LOL!

    I dunno why they do this, I think they just want to test my patience, LOL!
  13. Phoebe and Eddy have to be where ever I am! This can be at the computer (very often), doing homework (just as frequent as computer) or even on the phone! Of course, they seem to have to sleep with me whenever I lay down, too. I have velcro kitties.