Anyone know who to contact @ RM about a repair?

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  1. RM maven answered my question about getting my bag repaired but does anyone know who exactly to email to start the whole process of doing this? Any help you guys can provide would be appreciated!!! thanks! :flowers::flowers:
  2. You can also PM RM Maven. She works at RM, and rebecca asked her to join us, so she can help us with our concerns, questions, etc.
  3. RM Maven contacted me!! Thanks so much for your help desiprinzess!! :flowers:
  4. Let us know how your repairs go. I would like to know how they handle them for future reference.
  5. I'll absolutely let you guys know. I figure it will take a while (6 wks more/less) to get this repaired but I will be around to give updates and the outcome!! :whistle:
  6. ^^You're welcome Stacie!