Anyone know who makes this bag and where it can be purchased?

  1. [​IMG]

    Loving the red! I am wondering if it is one from her line though. ?? Not really impressed so far with her items.
  2. This is a Jimmy Choo. Definitely NOT from her line.
  3. Is it from a recent line? I have not seen it at my Sak's. :cursing:
  4. Jimmy might be able to catch it on eBay or try
  5. I think I am leaning more towards the black just because of the expense of the bag. I am wondering about eBay. I see several for under 500$. How can these be real? Where are they getting them that they are selling them for 500$ and still making a profit? Unless they are stolen?:sad:
  6. Yes, the ones on eBay for those prices are FAKES! I would be very cautious buying one of the JC's on ebay for under $1K. They have the current spring/summer 07 colors on the Jimmy Choo website and Saks, NM, BG all have the white and black on their sites. Retail is $1850.00 and I think I read another thread that Net Porter had them on sale. I am planning on purchasing one next week on the Saks Gift card event, through ****** with my new Saks World MC w/ the 10% off on the first day use plan. Good luck!