Anyone know who makes the patent tote lauren had in the hills last night? Pic here

  1. The caramel colored tote to her left is super cute!
  2. I totally agree! Can anyone ID it?:love:
  3. That caramel bag is a Gustto Large Parina, backwards of course
  4. Thank you!!!!!!:flowers::flowers:
  5. I gasped for air when I was watching the show and saw Lauren's new bag. I couldn't believe she was carrying something other than that Chanel that she carried all season!

    I looked on the Seen On MTV store, but all they have is a little black chain bag for that episode.

    We must unite and find that bag...I'll keep searching.
  6. I checked it out and it DOES look exactly like that EXCEPT for where the straps meet the bag. On the Parina, the straps attach directly on the bag and on this bag, there are loops between the strap and the bag........what do you all think?:confused1:
  7. Hm.. good point.
  8. Where can I purchase her bag? Also love her boots.
  9. actually that is the bag she is carrying...
  10. Anyone have any idea what the caramel bag next to Lauren is?
  11. the bag looks like miu miu
  12. D & G is the black idea about the camel colored bag, sorry!