Anyone know who has The Purse style...

  1. in Blueberry or Ink still???

    I think I am really liking this style bag :flowers:
  2. welp, i know that "Barney's" in nyc had an ink purse last saturday ;)
  3. I love this style . . . has become my favorite.
  4. and OF COURSE, it is being discontinued...figures.
  5. i love the purse too.....
    you should get it.....
  6. I love the purse too!
  7. Do any of you know what stores has what color in the purse style? We might start stocking up!
  8. I was hoping to find one in Blueberry, I love that color!
  9. Oh yes...I have tried lots of styles and the purse is my favorite by far! I was looking for an ink purse, and still am to some extent. But I have a beautiful caramel purse on it's way to me so I am pretty happy for the time being.
  10. where did you find the caramel purse?
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