Anyone know which style this violet is??

  1. [​IMG]
    Does anyone know which style this is? I know it's violet, know its's described as a RTT which I have never heard of.

    Looks like a weekender to me??

    Anyone? TIA:smile:
  2. I'm sure its not a weekender but not sure what exactly what its called... but I'm sure its a new style and it is the RTT then? :confused1: maybe the experts can give some info on this....
  3. I don't know, but I LOVE the color!

  4. Thanks. I agree. It's weekenderish, but it's not a weekender and don't remember hearing about a RTT style?

    Hopefully the experts will know.

    Incoralblue...are you out there?;)
  5. I think its the STEP a new styl bag.
    Good baghunting.
    Hugs Fx:heart:
  6. I don't think it's the Step. I think this is the step. Thanks anyway though:smile:
  7. It's definitely the new RTT. Thing is, we don't yet know the exact dimensions of the bag and have heard conflicting things. It is maybe supposed to be between the Brief and Work in size? It isn't the new Escapade, which is supposed to be bigger (as in taller) than a WE. If you compare the Matches pics, it seems pretty large, because I think we know the new Step is smaller than a Brief, maybe sort of Purse sized. I know this doesn't help, but the pic is of the RTT.
  8. It does help! Thanks very much. So this is the RTT. Ok. Now will just have to wait and see the size. It looks almost weekender size to me...but we shall see.

    Thanks again:smile:
  9. when are the new styles appearing? It seems like they should be out with all the new colors. I'm curious about the round one (I forget the name).
  10. What does RTT stand for?:confused1:
  11. I'd like to know that too:yes:
  12. RTT = Réduction du temps de travail

    Which literally means reduction in work time, as in the French work 35hrs/week whereas we work 40 hrs/week. No idea why they called the bag this???
  13. My wild guess: they have a "Work," and they have a "Part Time." Perhaps this is meant to be the middle ground between them?
  14. ^^ Good why don't they make an "Unemployed" or "Studying" bag for me??? Then sell it for cheap!!