Anyone know which store in NY/NJ area still have CC Classic or Reissue in Black?

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  1. Called saks, BG, bloomingdales, chanel stores on spring st. and madison ave today but none of them have these styles....

    really want to snap one before the price increase on May 1 :panic::panic::panic::panic:

    would really appreciate if you ladies have any info/tips/suggest..
  2. I think you are better off posting it in desperately find thread as it gets more traffic there

    Also there were postings on authentic find threads for black reissue recently
  3. I think I read here that if you order from Hirshleifer's on Long Island that they will honor the current price even if they have to order for one to come in.
  4. Hirsh and BG did have black and ruth as of last week - you may want to try them. I know Hirsh has black with ruth on reorder to so you can prepurchase. I could only find black with ghw at NM but this a while ago. HTHs
  5. Anyone have a SA they work with at hirsh? Cell number?
  6. I'm looking for classic black caviar ghw medium size too