Anyone know which Mulberry bag this is?

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  1. While I was in London I run into this Mulberry bag but I wasn't able to find out which Mulberry it is. Maybe some of you can recognize this bag?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. any pics or description?
  3. I linked a picture can't you see it?
  4. ^^^ I can now, for some reason there was nothing there before (on my pc anyway!)

    I dont know what it is though, sorry.
  5. It looks like the smallest model of the classic Troutbag, also called the schoolbag. It came in three different sizes. First time I saw it in patent (?) They are not produced any longer. They were common in Scotchgrain black/branston or mole/brandy. Even earlier ones were marine, and there were other colours as well. They also came in congo black or brown leathers in different shades. Some three years ago there was a lighter version of this bag in scotchgrain black and mole. I have seen others in the same classic tartan as your but not patent. A very nice classic vintage model. Your looks brand new !
  6. Thank you so much! For a while I thought it was a fake since I wasn't able to find any similar bags. Now I can use it with a good consience.
  7. For reference here is a pic of my medium in mole/brandy.

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