Anyone know where to purchase brown heel tips?

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  1. I've found black, but not brown. Any advice is appreciated!
  2. Cobblers have them
  3. How amazing are you for leaving this completely relevant reply?

    My cobbler does not carry brown heel tips despite being in Newport. Hence, why I'm asking here.
  4. I find that amazing that a cobbler doesn't have them or can't get them!

    You could always try E-bay they are certainly available there.
  5. Completely agree.

    I have never met a cobbler without their own proper supplies.

    It's like going to a restaurant with no menu for dishes; makeup artist with no cosmetics, seeing a doctor with no stethoscope (unless you're in psych... then that's ok lol)....etc.
  6. I'm sure my cobbler can get them, but I needed them sooner than that for an event. I'm not sure why they were out. Maybe a big event or wedding. Incidentally, I don't frequently buy things from eBay because it's not always legit, and shipping can take forever. I solved the problem and got to my event.