Anyone Know Where To Get The Dark Choc Spy W Sequins?

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  1. i had first fallen in love with the spy when i saw this one about 2-3 years ago.

    i have been thinking about my first spy love since i received my silver one recently (yey!)

    anyone know where to get one? is/was it really popular? i have not seen even one on this thread so far....
  2. This is an extremely rare spy! I don't think many were made and most gals probably don't want to let them go and who can blame them!! This is my holy grail of Spies!! I think Greendrv has one.....
  3. HBA is correct, if an authentic one ever shows up on eBay, a lot of PFers will be fighting over it....:bagslap:

    Also be aware, there is a fake version of the bag that shows up fairly regularly...get it authenticated.:yes:
  4. I also think that it was made in cognac leather not chocolate. It is rare and much coveted. I would love to have one myself. If you do find one and they happen to have an extra one, please do let me know. :heart:BL
  5. oooh... to think that i held one in my hand at the local fendi..... and it has the sequins with the colouring that i like too..... but it was about $4000-$5000 or something wasn't it....? i suppose like finding a man, timing is everything. i wish i had not just return from a flippin' expensive grad school at the time..... ARGH.

    but for awhile i was put off by the fact that there are so many fakes out there. i could tell the fake ones on eBay as their leathers are never bubbly. but i have gone off eBay. too stressfull!! i don't think i have the energy to be so anxious about making a mistake!