Anyone know where to get the Carnival bag in Illinois

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  1. Just wondering if they are going to have it at Macy's or Bloomingdales or Metro Park. I am having trouble getting the 20% discount at the Karmaloop website. So I wanted to know if they are going to have it at Macy's and then I can use my rewards card to get the discount.

  2. I called A. Okay Official in Chicago and they have the carnival print. They are about a mile from Wrigley Field on Clark Street. Good Luck!!
  3. oh yes! my bf is in chicago for the next couple of days, and since he's staying right across the street from bloomies, i told him to get his booty over there to see if they have new tokidokis. he said he'd check macy's too since it's right around the corner.
  4. The store with the Tokis is about 15 minutes by cab.
  5. Yes, Macy's is supposed to carry the new bags. The Macy's on the west coast have already received their shipments. The ones on the east coast are still waiting.

    The karmaloop codes don't work on the bags because tokidoki contacted karmaloop and said that they don't want the codes to work on the bags. So .... the codes used to work on the bags before tokidoki contacted karmaloop but not now.
  6. ugh! bummer! i knew i should've bought the bag i wanted when i had the chance. arghh :cursing:
  7. Macy's on N.Michigan Ave has bags in stock. My bf picked me up a Graziosa last nite and he said they also had Carezza's and Magia's as well!
  8. Hi....I live in Chicago and will go to Macys tomorrow. For sure it is the store on Michigan Ave and not State Street?
  9. Pretty sure, 'cuz that's what my bf told me. He's just there for a business trip and his hotel happens to be right across from Bloomies. He said Macy's is right around the corner. I don't know if that helps :sad:
  10. They have the new Tokidoki bags @
  11. Does anyone know if we can use our 20% discount reward card at Macy's for the tokidoki? They give the card to you when you reach like $ 500 in sales or something like that. I hope they have it at the Macy's in Schaumburg. It's closer to me than downtown. But at the end of Aug. I will be going downtown. Cross my fingers they still have some bags left.
  12. Thanks everyone for you replies.