Anyone Know where to get my christian Dior bag fixed??

  1. Some idiot tried to steal my C/D bag and it got broke so they left it.

    The C of the egde of the handle has been snapped, please help, thanks !!
  2. Have you tried taking it to the store itself and ask? Or try calling them first before going, that might save you a trip. They may be able to fix it but mgiht have to send it away for that.
  3. The Dior store will do something about it. I had a brand new Dior Ballet give way when the links on the C&D came loose. Brought it back to the store and they exchanged it for a new one. However, the bag was 5 days old.. so I am not sure whether they have to send bags back to Paris for repairs.
  4. the Dior shops will repair their bags.