Anyone know where to get Botkier Bags?

  1. I am looking to get a Botkier bag at a good price. anyone have any good websites or stores? I live in NYC so can either go to a store anywhere in the NY area or can just order online. I like the Botkier Trigger Turbo in gold. i saw it for $610 on
  2. Here are some sites that sell Botkier:

    Here are some stores:
    Neiman Marcus
    Select Nordstrom stores
    Serle NYC
    Bergdorf Goodman
    Sway and Cake (Seattle area boutique)

    Since you're looking for a deal I see it on sale from time to time at NM and BG. In NYC Botkier has sample sales too but I don't think the gold was a color made in the last season. I think Fall/Winter 2006 was the last time gold was available. Several of the boutiques run promotions but most of them don't carry the trigger.

    There are a lot more boutiques that sell it but nothing is coming to mind right now. Hopefully someone else can add a few of them to the list. If I remember right, Botkier has a section on their website ( that lists locations.

  3. I just sent back a medium trigger in olive to neiman's. It was on sale for $375 so within the next week it should be up again. Good luck!!
  4. is always good to try for new bags and sales...
    : )
  5. Except some TPF'ers have had horrible customer service from Might be better to go with a dept. store with a good return policy.
  6. is good for Botkier. They don't have any triggers at the moment, but a lot of biancas and saschas. They often have 20% off coupons.
  7. thanks, i remember hearing something like that...i think buying from a dept store is always best as they have the most liberal return policies!
  8. Our Nordstroms sells Botkier bags and had a few Trigger bags on the sale table the last time I was there.